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Frequently Asked Questions
1 Frequently Asked Questions
1.1 How does the Myxn Bar work?

Guests sit at the bar or a scent table and sample some of the over 500 scents. They compile a list of favorites (usually between 4 and 7) and experiment with combinations of their favorites. Once they find their favorite group of scents, they are mixed to order into one of more than 30 products. The most entertaining part is when guests name their scents!

1.2 How expensive is it to mix a product?

Myxn Bar prices range from about $9 to $50 with most items in the $18 to $25 range.

1.3 Can you just walk in?

The Myxn Bar is open to walk-ins, but we suggest calling ahead if you know you are intending to visit. The Myxn team can give you an idea of how busy the bar is likely to be when you arrive at the store.

1.4 How many people do you need to have a private party?

After hours, 4-25 can have the Myxn Bar to themselves. It requires a reservation and specifications about food, drink, and decorations. We assist in customizing every event whether it’s a girl’s night out, couples’ night out, birthday party, reunion, bridal shower, bachelorette party, client appreciation, baby gender identification, book club, newcomers, and more. There is no cost for hosting the event in the store.

1.5 Does Myxn Scents host offsite events?

We do host off-premise events. We bring a portion of the scents from the Myxn Bar and agreed upon bath, body and home products to mix.  Minimums do apply.

1.6 Is Myxn Scents just about scents?

No, we have a unique boutique with clothing, handbags, jewelry, artwork by local artists, hats and more.