14oz Hammered Canister Sea Salt Homestead Collection

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A dash of sea salt with driftwood and cade.

Homestead Scented Candles, inspired by Southern nostalgia, welcomes you to visit sentimental places and heartwarming memories. The Homestead Candle Collection offers an array of fragrances inspired by freshly cut wildflowers set atop an heirloom farm table, sun ripened fruit waiting to be canned and preserved, a warm cedar chest layered with dried lavender and soft cotton, and a refreshing breeze of crisp evergreens through an open window.

Homestead Scented Candles invite you to relive your past through a rose-tinted filter and reflect upon those nostalgic memories stirred by our hand- selected fragrances. Homestead Scented Candles come in 14 oz Hammered Canister, 8 oz Mini Canister, 14 oz Octagonal Tea Tin and 8 oz Cup in Cotton Bag.

Dimensions of the 14 oz Hammered Canister Homestead Candle are 4.25 inches high x 3.5 inches in diameter.

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